Healthy Spine During Trips

A Healthy Spine During Trips

Dr. Edward Chan, DC, R.Ac. Blog

Making safe and smart choices throughout your travels will help you to enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips for your trip.

Supporting your lower back
Provide support for your low back, avoid prolonged sitting and try reclining to reduce stress on your spine.

Sit Properly
While seated, your knees should be supported and bent at more or less a 90 degree angle.

If possible, stretch and move around every 30-45 minutes, may it be on an aircraft or waiting at the airport.

Use proper lifting technique
Use the entire body to turn when lifting heavy luggage. Pivot with your feet, not your back, so that your whole body moves, avoid twisting your spine.

Lighten up your luggage
Choose light weight luggage with wheels and pack light. Heavy overhead lifting can cause hyperextension injuries. Use a properly fitted backpack.