Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Mohsen Rafieian B.Sc. PT, M.Sc. Anat. MCPA Blog Leave a Comment

During pregnancy, especially in late stages, it is common to experience back pain, swelling of the limbs and dizziness when wakening up. It is suggested that the following recommendations are taken into consideration to ensure a healthy sleep and pregnancy.

  • Sleeping on your back is not recommended. When on your back, the weight of the baby will apply pressure to your organs, blood vessels, spine and muscles around the spine. This leads to discomfort and disturbed functioning of organs.
  • It is suggested that you sleep on your left side. To prevent pressure on the big veins on the right side that carry the blood from your limbs to the heart
  • When adjusting your position while sleeping on your left side, it is okay to lean towards your stomach or towards your back from time to time.

To best support your legs, spine and arms, it is recommended to use a body pillow. Place the pillow in-between your knees up to your chest and hug the pillow.

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