setting up mouse and keyboard

Setting up Your Mouse and Keyboard

Mohsen Rafieian B.Sc. PT, M.Sc. Anat. MCPA Blog

Improper usage of the mouse and keyboard can result in general soreness and musculoskeletal conditions effecting the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck. Common conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. To prevent impact and stress to these areas when working with a computer, it is recommended to use an adjustable ergonomic keyboard tray. The keyboard height must be leveled with the height of the arm rests and should be as close as possible to your body. It is also recommended that the keyboard is flat or tilted away from the body (negative tilted). It is favoured to use ergonomic keyboards (split keyboards) to maintain proper chest expansion and shoulder retraction. Using an ergonomic mouse ensures proper grip and less tension on the wrist and elbow. For those who use laptops in office settings, it is suggested to connect an external ergonomic keyboard and mouse to maintain the proper posture recommended for these tools.