Tips For Buying Mattress

Tips for Buying a Mattress

Dr. Edward Chan, DC, R.Ac. Blog

A good night’s rest is important for your MSK health and ensures you can continue doing your daily activities. Lack of sleep can also cause decreased work productivity, greater number of sick days used, and increased injury rates. Consider replacing your mattress if you wake up repeatedly with a sore back or your current mattress is older than 10 years. 

Current research suggests that:

  1. Medium-firm mattresses can be beneficial for individuals with chronic mechanical low back pain and are considered more comfortable compared to soft mattresses.
  2. The standing posture of an individual’s spine should be similar to their sleeping posture.
  3. Using an adjustable bed based on individual preferences is associated with increased sleep quality.
  4. Mattresses that promote skin warming may improve sleep quality by reducing early morning awakening and enhancing deep sleep.
  5. Soft mattresses decrease excessive compressive forces on your joints, however, mattresses that are more firm help to maintain proper sleep posture as they prevent sagging of the hips.


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