How Use Backpack

How to use a Backpack

Mohsen Rafieian B.Sc. PT, M.Sc. Anat. MCPA Blog

Using Backpack TipsImproper usage of a backpack may cause neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain, especially in children and adolescence. It is imperative to us, that your child is properly using their backpack. So,  we have listed below, adjustments that can be made to avoid the adverse effects of improper backpack usage.

  • Make the backpack as light as possible. It is important that your child is not carrying too heavy of a load on their back, especially for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, make sure to only pack what is necessary for your child.
  • Make sure that your child is using a good quality, ergonomic backpack. The size of the backpack is dependent on the size of your child.
  • Do not use single strap backpacks. Having the weight of the backpack on one shoulder can promote abnormal curvature of the spine as well as shoulder and back pain associated. Make sure to teach your children not to carry their backpacks on one shoulder.
  • When adjusting the backpack, make sure the straps are comfortable and tight and equally adjusted in both sides.