Richmond Hill Kinesiology and Personal Training

kinesiology and personal trainingThe practice of Kinesiology involves the assessment of human movement and performance, and using the correction and management of movement to maintain, rehabilitate and improve physical functioning and mobility. Thus, the goal of kinesiology is for rehabilitation, health enhancement and improving general wellness.

Personal training, similar to kinesiology, is more applicable to fitness over rehabilitation. Yet, personal training is a useful tool for assessing physical fitness capabilities and providing correct methods of exercise equipment use and exercise technique implementation.

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiologists use the latest evidence-based research and studies on health and function, in combination with principals of biomechanics, physiology and anatomy. With this, Kinesiologists can effectively implement physical activity, general nutrition guidance and correct movement execution to prevent, treat and manage injuries, chronic diseases and various other health impairments. In this sense, by applying physical activity, possible diet alteration, and correct movement mechanics, Kinesiology allows your body to correct itself; bringing your health closer to baseline or beyond.

What conditions can Kinesiology help improve?

The principals of kinesiology can be applied to help treat or prevent musculoskeletal injuries, joint issues, certain chronic diseases, neurological disorders mobility improvement, as well post surgery rehabilitation. However, kinesiology can also be applied to individuals without any health impairments. Kinesiology can help already healthy individuals to further advance their health. Everybody always room for improvement, even in individuals without and disorders. Kinesiology can be used to promote improvements to cardiovascular fitness, muscle gain, greater overall physical strength and fat reduction.

Steps to Improvement

The Kinesiologist will work with you to assess your current state, areas that need improvement, and what your personal goals are. Goals can include everything from regaining shoulder mobility after a Rotator Cuff Tear, helping you enhance your walking ability if you have a neurological disease, or simply assisting you build up your strength and balance so you can get back to enjoying the hobbies that physical deficiencies have been preventing you from doing. With your current abilities and goals in mind, the Kinesiologist will design a personalized exercise prescription, and a slight diet modification if necessary, which you will perform under the supervision of the Kinesiologist. Then reassessments will be done weekly. As you improve your abilities, the prescription will be adapted to ensure your body will continually progress.