Braces and Splints in Richmond Hill

braces and splintsThere is good evidence to support that the use of some braces and splints could be beneficial and sometime necessary for recovery of injury.

The purpose of braces and splints is to improve physical function, reduce pain, immobilize an unstable joint or fracture and subside symptoms. It could be helpful for acute and/or chronic injuries, and also it helps in injury prevention. They can eliminate range of motion in one direction, or modify range of motion in one or more directions.

In general, braces/splints are for short-term use. They do not replace a good rehabilitative program. The entire approach of treatment options should be considered and used as needed. Continuous use of brace/splint can cause chronic pain and stiffness of a joint or muscle weakness. On the other hand, long-term use of some braces, such as a knee unloader brace, can help prevent progression of pain and osteoarthritis of the knee.

knee unloader brace

We offer assessment and dispensing off- shelf and custom made braces and splints at Maya Physio & Health. If you have been advised by your doctor or you think you might benefit from a brace or splint, please contact us to book an appointment for consultation.

Our product are high quality and from well-known brands such as Donjoy, Mueller and Bio Skin.