Safe Gardening

Safe Gardening

Mohsen Rafieian B.Sc. PT, M.Sc. Anat. MCPA Blog

Gardening is a great source of enjoyment and exercise. However, it can be harmful if you do not consider your safety. Gardening safely is important for maintaining overall musculoskeletal health.

Tips on safe gardening

  • Change tasks to reduce repeated strain on the same joints. Staying in the same position or repeating the same motion for a long period of time may cause strain and inflammation in the joints especially if in awkward positions.
  • While carrying heavy objects, spread the load. Rest the object on your forearms, instead of just griping with your fingers.
  • Use rubber grips on gardening tools to protect finger joints. slip on a spongy rubber grip on the handle of your gardening tool to improve your grip.
  • Use high quality gardening gloves. Gloves will not only protect your hands from cuts, they may also help with lifting hard-to-grip objects.
  • Use a splint. In cases of severe arthritis, you may need to consult your physiotherapist with regards to using a splint while gardening.
  • Use a garden stool with back support. You may often find yourself near the ground while gardening, that is why it is important to make sure you are not bending for long periods of time. Invest in a lightweight gardening stool with back support.
  • Know your limits. It is important to not overdo physical activity. If an object is heavy seek out assistance with lifting. Also, do not spend an unnecessarily long period of time gardening, take breaks and always consider your limits.
  • Use a wheelbarrow. For object which are very large and heavy it is best to avoid carrying them. Use a wheelbarrow preferably with two wheels to help with balancing the load.

Safe Gardening Tips